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What’s All This Stuff About Essential Oils??

I have posted several times about the use of essential oils in my home, both here and on Facebook, and I’ve gotten many questions – mostly asking me just what these things are! In my area, these things are exploding as a ‘new’ way to care for and promote wellness within our families, and everyone seems to either love them or shun them. I was once one of the latter, myself! What changed my mind? I actually tried them, and they made a huge difference in our lives. Now they’ve replaced many items I used to have in the medicine cabinet, and I feel like I have a much better handle on my family’s health.

What are they?
The dictionary says they are: a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.
What does that mean? It means they are an extract of a plant, pretty much. Found in nature, extracted, and placed into bottles. Sounds simple enough, right? But they’re also quite powerful, so you want to make sure you get *good* ones, not just any old oil off the grocery store shelf.

What do they do?
They can do a great number of things. I have a Quick Reference Guide that I just love to use when we’re struggling with something in our house. Google is also pretty great. Just last night I looked up ‘bloody noses’ and found that my daughter could breathe in (aka – smell) a combination of lavender and lemon oils to stop her nosebleed (and guess what? It did!) We also use a combination to help with allergies. We use a homemade cream with essential oils for skin troubles. I also have a blend I made to help with tummy yuck, and one I use when I’m having muscle pain. So, if I can do so without sounding cliche, I’d say the better question is what don’t they do! Because, seriously, we use them all the time around here.

Where do I get them?
Honestly? If you just want plain old essential oils, you can go just about anywhere. If you want the good stuff, go to Young Living. You can sign up as a customer and try any number of wonderful oils at your leisure, but the better bargain is to sign up to be a member (also called a distributor.)

Wait – You want me to sign up for something?
No. Well, not just for the sake of signing up, anyway – I want you to get the most for your money, and simply buying bottle after bottle of oils is not the best way to do that. I am a researcher. I spent weeks looking at the cost of oils from different places (as well as the credentials of those places – if they had any), and what I came back to was the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.


It’s an up-front investment of about $150 (plus tax & shipping), but you receive an amazing value for that money. Nowhere – not even the cheap places – can offer you a diffuser worth nearly $100 and 11 different oils and oil blends, in addition to some lovely samples and reading material for anywhere near this price. And with Young Living, you get the SeedtoSeal guarantee — meaning you know you’re buying high-quality, unadulterated, undiluted essential oils.


If you want to see all of the amazing ways our family has begun using Young Living Essential oils, check it out here. Here are some other pretty amazing uses for the oils that come in the starter kit:


Like I said – some pretty amazing stuff!

Additional Resources:
Anyone who buys their starter kit from me will be mailed a Quick Reference Guide. This is such a great resource for learning how to use your oils, that I think it would be a disservice not to provide it to you! You’ll also be invited to a Facebook Group where you can ask questions about your oils and get advice when something comes up. In the meantime, the Oily Families Facebook group is a good resource to get your questions answered or just to see testimonies of how Young Living Essential Oils have helped others!

Want In?
If you’re ready to join, click here and fill out the form. If you mark yourself as a “Distributor,” you’ll get immediate access to buy one of these great kits, plus you’ll get a 24% discount on every oil you order for the rest of forever. No – you don’t *have* to buy anything else, and you aren’t going to be made to ‘keep up’ a membership to get that discount. If you go a whole year without ordering anything, you’ll have to order $50 of product to get the discount again – but that’s not hard. You’ll probably wind up restocking every few months. Pretty sweet, right?

Have Questions?
If you’re wondering something I haven’t covered here, just ask below! I’ve really enjoyed getting a handle on my family’s wellness with the use of these oils – and I’d love to help you do the same!

**disclaimer: I am not a doctor, just a mommy learning to care for her family the best I can. I speak from experience, but not medical expertise. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s health, consult a medical practitioner. If you are just looking for new and helpful ways to continue caring for the ones you love, I hope you find my ideas useful in that endeavor. Thanks!**

Essential Oils, Health & Wellness

Best Skin Cream Ever!

I’ve been using this skin cream on my son now for several months. His eczema was as bad as ever and I was so very tired of topical steroids that only seemed to prolong the problem rather than solve it. My son is sensitive to petroleum-based products and can’t use anything scented or colored, so we tried the few store bought lotions that didn’t contain those things, and still nothing helped. Finally, I reached out for help on Facebook. A dear friend messaged me and wound up bringing me samples of two essential oils she had read were very effective for this type of issue when combined with coconut oil. After numerous recommendations and testimonies, I decided it was worth a try.

Everything Skin Cream!

Y’all, this stuff was amazing. We fought an uphill battle and some steroid detoxing for the first couple days, and then his skin was moist and like new. It didn’t prevent itching or breakouts, but it moisturized his skin and fought potential infections while doing so.

The more I researched essential oils, the more I realized this wonderful mixture was capable of. When my daughter came home from school with a mysterious rash on her arm, I slathered her up and she woke up with her arm back to normal. I’ve used it time and again for diaper rashes, and it soothes my baby’s bottom the instant it touches him! I’ve also loved putting it on my son because it gives me the softest hands in the west — even after a day of doing dishes when my hands can feel like total sandpaper!

So what is this awesome stuff? I’m glad you asked, because I’m about to give you the simplest recipe EVER, and you’ll have this lovely stuff in your arsenal for everyday use.


1 cup coconut oil
10 drops lavender essential oil (I only recommend Young Living – learn why!)
10 drops Melrose essential oil blend

Mix coconut oil with essential oils and lather on generously!

That’s it! I’ve seen people recommend whipping it, and that can lead to a beautiful texture — just toss it all in the mixer and let it do all the work! I usually just put the coconut oil straight into a jar and stir the oils in with a spoon because I hate washing my mixer lol. I have also let the coconut oil melt by putting it next to something slightly warm (preheating oven, fireplace, sunlight) and dropped the oils in the melted CO and shaken. That’s super easy if you have lots of time before you *need* the oil, and it will solidify again at room temperature.
-No matter which method you use, it will get hard if it gets cold. Rubbing the jar between your hands is usually enough heat to soften it up some, or you can just dig it out with your fingers – I’ve done both.
-Use a jar or container with a lid. The essential oils will evaporate and you’ll be left with nothing but a pretty-smelling lotion if you don’t close up the container between uses.
-If you are using the cream for eczema, apply often. Moisture is a huge key in helping eczema skin heal, and unlike a prescription – you can’t put this stuff on too much!
-It will have an oily texture on your skin, but unlike olive and vegetable oils, it isn’t going to leave oily splotch stains on your clothes. That said, I usually apply it to my son on a towel because it’s just easier that way.
-As versatile as this cream already is, it can be even moreso! I’ve added Thieves oil for additional protection against infection during the worst eczema flare-ups, Peppermint to help ease itching, and Valor when my son was complaining about growing pains (since I was rubbing this stuff all over him, anyway!)

If you try this, let me know how you liked it!

**disclaimer: I am not a doctor, just a mommy learning to care for her family the best I can. I speak from experience, but not medical expertise. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s health, consult a medical practitioner. If you are just looking for new and helpful ways to continue caring for the ones you love, I hope you find my ideas useful in that endeavor. Thanks!**
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Essential Oils – Notes from a former skeptic

I wanted to let you know about a new(er) development in our home.

Although we had experienced a dramatic change in my son’s skin once we successfully eliminated all the food coloring, we still battled severe dryness and itching. We had used every soap and lotion we could find (including several $30 bottles of CaliforniaBaby which his skin didn’t like any more than it did the regular stuff), various oils (baby oil, coconut oil, etc) and we were still battling constant itching and bleeding, scabby legs from my sweet boy not knowing how to quit scratching. Desperate, I reached out to my friends on Facebook. I didn’t want to have the “stop scratching” chorus be my all-day-long song to my son any longer! I had one friend recommend using essential oils. I honestly thought it was crazy, but nothing else had worked, so I agreed to let her bring me some samples.

She brought me samples of lemon, lavender, and melrose oils. She suggested I place them in a carrier oil – I used some of the coconut oil leftover from previous ‘lotion’ attempts – and apply it several times a day for the first few days, and I could taper off after that. So I did just that. The first day, it looked about the same. Toward the end of the second day, it looked worse. I asked my friend and she suggested that it could be the steroid creams coming out of his skin. It sounded weird, but I was never comfortable with all those steroid creams anyway, so I went with it. On day 3, I started to see some real change… and I also began to run out of oil. I dragged my feet, and my husband and I talked about buying more, but what convinced us was what happened on the next few days. His skin continued to improve. I was basically shocked. The scabs were healing from all of the scratching, and he was no longer itchy all the time. At this point, I decided something had worked. It was no longer a constant uphill climb! We had reached a level of skin that was almost normal. I tell you, I could have cried. I probably did.

We have since begun using essential oils for many things. My son’s skin is still in better condition than it had ever been before. And most excitingly, if he has accidental contact with red (like his sweet sister sharing her candy, or chewing on a red pen – yes, both of those happened… within a 2-day period!), the “mommy lotion” keeps it from getting obnoxious like before. Benadryl is still needed in those instances, but we no longer need a round of steroids to get him breathing well again (as long as we catch it pretty quickly), and his skin doesn’t go back to crazy. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why it works. I just know my son is closer to feeling like a ‘normal’ little boy (if such a thing exists), and he is so. much. healthier.

For our family, we have found that making the essential oils into ‘medicines’ we can simply pull out as needed works best for us. We have small jars in our medicine cabinet, and I find myself reaching for lavender instead of tylenol these days for a headache, and Purification for a bug bite instead of After Bite (and a bonus – it doesn’t STING like After Bite does!) I’m excited about this new world of wellness to which I’ve been introduced, and we’ve had so much less sickness in our home than is normal for this time of year.

Have you ever used ‘alternative’ or ‘supplemental’ medicine? What have been your experiences? Do you have questions about essential oils? Ask them below and I’d be happy to answer however I can!