Essential Oils, My Personal Journey

Essential Oils – Notes from a former skeptic

I wanted to let you know about a new(er) development in our home.

Although we had experienced a dramatic change in my son’s skin once we successfully eliminated all the food coloring, we still battled severe dryness and itching. We had used every soap and lotion we could find (including several $30 bottles of CaliforniaBaby which his skin didn’t like any more than it did the regular stuff), various oils (baby oil, coconut oil, etc) and we were still battling constant itching and bleeding, scabby legs from my sweet boy not knowing how to quit scratching. Desperate, I reached out to my friends on Facebook. I didn’t want to have the “stop scratching” chorus be my all-day-long song to my son any longer! I had one friend recommend using essential oils. I honestly thought it was crazy, but nothing else had worked, so I agreed to let her bring me some samples.

She brought me samples of lemon, lavender, and melrose oils. She suggested I place them in a carrier oil – I used some of the coconut oil leftover from previous ‘lotion’ attempts – and apply it several times a day for the first few days, and I could taper off after that. So I did just that. The first day, it looked about the same. Toward the end of the second day, it looked worse. I asked my friend and she suggested that it could be the steroid creams coming out of his skin. It sounded weird, but I was never comfortable with all those steroid creams anyway, so I went with it. On day 3, I started to see some real change… and I also began to run out of oil. I dragged my feet, and my husband and I talked about buying more, but what convinced us was what happened on the next few days. His skin continued to improve. I was basically shocked. The scabs were healing from all of the scratching, and he was no longer itchy all the time. At this point, I decided something had worked. It was no longer a constant uphill climb! We had reached a level of skin that was almost normal. I tell you, I could have cried. I probably did.

We have since begun using essential oils for many things. My son’s skin is still in better condition than it had ever been before. And most excitingly, if he has accidental contact with red (like his sweet sister sharing her candy, or chewing on a red pen – yes, both of those happened… within a 2-day period!), the “mommy lotion” keeps it from getting obnoxious like before. Benadryl is still needed in those instances, but we no longer need a round of steroids to get him breathing well again (as long as we catch it pretty quickly), and his skin doesn’t go back to crazy. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why it works. I just know my son is closer to feeling like a ‘normal’ little boy (if such a thing exists), and he is so. much. healthier.

For our family, we have found that making the essential oils into ‘medicines’ we can simply pull out as needed works best for us. We have small jars in our medicine cabinet, and I find myself reaching for lavender instead of tylenol these days for a headache, and Purification for a bug bite instead of After Bite (and a bonus – it doesn’t STING like After Bite does!) I’m excited about this new world of wellness to which I’ve been introduced, and we’ve had so much less sickness in our home than is normal for this time of year.

Have you ever used ‘alternative’ or ‘supplemental’ medicine? What have been your experiences? Do you have questions about essential oils? Ask them below and I’d be happy to answer however I can!


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