Dye-free living

“Food” allergy update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on my son’s odd food-coloring allergy, so I thought I would do that.

After months and months of prayer (and oh so many break outs), we had a breakthrough in the area of healing. Our little Bear is no longer allergic to Annatto. He can have regular cheeses, and I no longer have to make enchiladas with mozzarella. (Hallelujah, seriously.) This was probably the single most exciting thing that happened to me all year. Okay, top 5. My son could now eat anything that said “all-natural” without having to scour the ingredients or wonder which “color” had been “added.”

Small update, but a huge difference! This was SUCH a load off of our family’s hearts. He still has a severe allergy to all of the numbered (synthetic) food dyes, but those are so very much easier to track down. And my recipes can go back to normal. That just makes a mommy’s life so much easier!


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