When It All Goes Wrong

I’m not even sure where I’m going with this, but I felt what’s happened to me this afternoon was relevant somehow.


My husband and I are in the process of beginning the process of buying a house. And no, that isn’t a typo. It’s the longest, slowest thing I’ve ever been through. And it goes without saying that it’s a process that requires lots of money. To sit and look pretty and not be used. And what happens when money sits? Money flies.

So it’s no surprise that my battery light came on on our ONE car this afternoon. And even less surprising that the car almost immediately decided to stop moving… in the middle of a very busy road… during 5:00 rush hour. So in my haste to acquire a part, I had my dad buy the one at the dealership with his discount – at a hefty nearly $300 price tag (eek.!) We got everything – and everyone – moved, and got me to my evening job, where I began to price check the part. And found, immediately, that while the dealership discount is usually best, it was most definitely NOT this time. $100 NOT. Yuck. I quickly called my dad and asked him not to buy the part, but it was too late – he had gotten it already. So I asked him to return it. I wouldn’t normally go to the effort if it was a few dollars, but this was a Benjamin we were talking about.

I had begun to relax, feeling as if I had everything together. I had even found a coupon to save another $20 on the part! Then I got a disturbing text from my dad. There was a restocking fee. Ugh, the dreaded restocking fee. And the kicker – it was a $100 restocking fee! At this point, I was in tears. I was more than in tears, I was mad. I said a bad word or two (at work). I called my husband frantically – like he could reverse it? I was a total wreck. I had two guys stop by my desk and ask if they could help. What could they do? I just wasted money. I was in such a rush to fix my problem on my own that I spent way more money than I had to! How often do we all do that??

But, the story’s not over.

I got another text from my dad. In light of the way I was feeling at the time of reading the text, it was just as disturbing as the first. “You actually fell for that?”
I’m sorry, what? Apparently, the lady to whom he returned the part had pulled his leg about a restocking fee, and he decided to pass it on. Forgive me while I put my head in this paper bag here. Yes, I had freaked out before I had all the information. And I had freaked out, BAD, folks. How often do we do that??

It just reminded me that GOD IS IN CONTROL. Yes, slow down and make the smart decision before you waste $100 and time and stress… but also remember that even when you blow it, God is in control. Your mistake didn’t surprise Him, or throw His plans off. It didn’t ruin everything, he didn’t momentarily stop holding you in the palm of His hand or turn His back for a second and miss something. No. He’s still there, loving you, holding you, and watching every step you take. And, in my season, it’s a comfort to know that He knew the alternator would go out today when I bought the car a year ago, and was making provisions all along.

Don’t forget that God is bigger than whatever it is you have to bring to Him.

And try to be smarter than me, and go to Him first when it all blows up…

How has God shown Himself big, in control, and faithful for you? How can I pray for you through whatever season it is you’re in right now?


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