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The Waiting

The Waiting

I can’t say how many times in my life I’ve looked back and seen that God’s timing was absolutely perfect in every way, but I still seem to doubt God’s timing on a regular basis. Like now.

My husband and I made the decision to begin the process of buying a home two years ago. We looked at all our options, and it really just made sense. We prayed and both felt God said we could start saving toward buying a house. We have since made tons of sacrifices to do just that, and while we’ve seen some fruit from the lifestyle changes that followed, we’re still not even looking at houses. Two years later. In fact, for the past month the process has been completely out of our control. We’re simply waiting. Waiting to hear from one person so we can give papers to another person so we can wait some more and maybe we can go start looking after that. And then? We have a 60 day closing process to wait through. (Don’t ask.)

Needless to say, waiting has been weighing on me. And it would be one thing to wait and wait and wait… but it’s quite another to watch while you wait. Watch everyone you know, it seems, buy a new home. Every day, it seems, another person tells me that they are closing on their home. I want to be excited for them. The first several times I was excited for them, and I’d turn to my loving husband and say “We’re going to get to do that!” But about 100 friends in, the excitement has waned. “When will it be our turn?” I wonder.

It’s easy to talk about God’s timing, but MUCH more difficult to wait on it.

I know many people right now who are also in the waiting. Waiting to meet their spouse, or waiting for God to bless them with kids… waiting for a great many things that are happening every day to people around them. So what do we do while we wait? That’s a tough one. I think we have two options:

The first – and the one I feel I’m best at, if I’m honest – is to gripe.  Why God? Why? I’ve been so faithful. I’ve been trying. Why?? Yes. I’m pretty sure I’ve about mastered that one.
The second, is to lean in. What are you trying to teach me while I wait? What is it you’re trying to save me from? How can I use this time to better prepare myself for the blessing I’m waiting to receive?

We’ve all read the part in the Psalms – or at least the bible quotes on Pinterest – that say God wants to give us the desires of our hearts. I wholeheartedly believe that He does. But just as my 2 year old doesn’t need chocolate milk at bed time, God knows the reason that the desire of your heart doesn’t belong to you today. That doesn’t mean it won’t, it just means it isn’t time yet. Will you join me in leaning in through the waiting? Maybe this will be easier if we do it together.


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