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The Blessing of Busy

blessing of busy long.jpg

We’ve all heard different adages about what it is when you’re ‘too busy.’ If you don’t have time to ___, then you’re just ‘too busy,’ and you need to cut a few things out. Great. Except, what about when you can’t?

I honestly think God has brought me through seasons of busy. There have most definitely been times when we had to scale back our activities – the day we withdrew from volunteering with the high school youth group, I cried more than a few tears. But then there have been seasons when we were just going non-stop, and there wasn’t really anything in our power that we could do to stop it. I’m in one of those beautifully crazy seasons right now.

As a mom of a one-, two- and seven-year old (in a one-car family to boot!), it’s pretty easy to see why I’m busy. Add a part-time job for mom and dad doing basically two full-time jobs in the interim of his promotion, and we’re happy to be able to sit down and eat a meal now and then. All with back-to-school just around the corner!

Ecclesiastes says “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Hah, I feel like that ‘every activity’ season is what I’m experiencing now. But really, this tells me that I need to find a way to enjoy my currently non-stop life. That if God has me in a place like this, I can walk around sulking in the “whys” and “what ifs,” on the verge of tears almost constantly, OR I can take whatever moments I have to breathe (hello, red lights!) to stop and reflect on God’s goodness. So many of the things that are causing my busyness are my blessings. Not everyone gets blessed with amazingly sweet children to love and adore. Right now, so many are praying for just one job – and my family is enjoying the benefits of two! And around the world there are parents just wishing they could send their child to school – why would I take that for granted?

So today, rather than sinking into my exhaustion and wishing for the next month to fly, I think I’ll choose joy. I’ll thank God for the blessings he’s given me, and pray for the energy to steward them well.

Have you ever had a season of busy? How did you get through it? Any strategies you’d like to share?


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