Wise Words

Our Eyes Are On You

The year 2012 began, for our family, with very high hopes. My husband owned a business with his father that was doing very well. I was pregnant with our third child. And, most excitingly, this was the year we were going to buy a house. 2012 was going to be a fantastic year.

Then came January. A car accident (our fault, of course, and no coverage), a sudden major dental surgery, a few hundred dollars’ worth of medication for our, at the time, year-old son. Our savings account – our future down payment on a house + our emergency fund – was wiped clean and then some.

We picked ourselves up, dusted off and pressed on. Then came February, March and April. A great storm season and, somehow, no business. Ultrasounds were looking scary and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. Our apartment started falling apart, and then it was decided that the company would shut down — right before the baby would be born. The savings that we had built back up would now be spent on our living expenses.

My husband had been looking for work for two months when he got a call from our church saying they needed someone part-time in the bookstore. Six months and nearly 1,000 resumes later and it’s still his only job. Another totaling wreck. In October, we humbly asked his parents if we could stay with them. It’s been amazing, but it isn’t home.

BUT, we serve a mighty God. Our 2012 doesn’t change that. And when I get into a rut and cry my eyes out in the Target parking lot and go all Job’s wife on my husband, it doesn’t take much for him to call me back to reality; to all of the amazing things God has done, and how the details prove that He hasn’t abandoned us.

Like how our baby that was unexplainably small had a knot in his cord so tight that they couldn’t get any blood out to test it. How he shouldn’t have survived the pregnancy, yet he was born on his own completely healthy.

Or how all that money we had saved for a house kept us alive for several months, and what would have happened if we hadn’t been saving it all up?

How our car whose heat/ac broke when we plain had no money to fix it was replaced by the insurance money with one that has all the details we ever could have hoped for and then some. That we were protected in that wreck that really should have been much worse.

How we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and that’s so much more than so many can say.

How we were blessed by our friends with gift cards, and our kiddos got a Christmas they otherwise wouldn’t have.

How even in the tiniest things, God has planned way in advance to provide.

I read a verse earlier this year, and the scripture reference was not lost on me.
1 Chronicles 20:12
“Lord, we have no power to fight this enemy that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” (paraphrased)

That’s exactly what our year has looked like. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. It feels bleak at times, but God is always providing. Dimples, heated seats, warm beds, dolls and blocks. Even when we are faithless, Our God is faithful. And I’m so glad He is.

What miracles has God done in your life this year?


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