Best Valentine’s Day EVER!

Towards the end of the year last year, Gateway had a huge baptism event where they did outdoor baptisms for hundreds of people. It was really neat, and because it was such an event, Alexa got to see it. As soon as she did, she started asking questions… What are they doing? Why? What does it mean? It was so neat because it sparked a conversation with Alexa that lasted for months! We talked to her a lot about praying to ask God when, and how she can hear God, and what it means to give your heart to Jesus and to confess your faith in him through baptism… And, just like her mama, she soaked it all in, prayed a lot, and finally came to a very big decision.

Alexa talked to me earlier and she had decided she was ready to pray and ask Jesus into her heart. I told her we would wait until evening (Collin & I were at work at the time!) and pray before bed. So, laying in her bed, she and daddy prayed as I stood by beaming about the incredible choice my little girl was making. After she and daddy prayed, she shouted out “This is the Best Valentine’s Day, EVER!” I love it. She has no idea just how right she is 🙂


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