Baby #3 – It’s a BOY!!

We got to see baby #3 today. We actually got to see him three times this week! It was really neat.
Collin found an opportunity in the “gigs” section of craigslist for me to “model” for a medical conference. We got a $50 Babies R Us gift card on both Tuesday and Thursday to receive ultrasounds in 2- and 3-D of our newest addition. WIN!

Tuesday I have to talk about it a little because it was TOO cool. We were at the FMFM conference in Dallas, and I was the model they used to show a room full of med students what a normal baby’s heart looks like in 2- and 3-dimensions. The “ultrasound tech,” it turned out, was a world-renowned pediatric cardiologist who works out of UCLA. His resume is ridiculous… we could never have afforded to have a guy with his qualifications look at our unborn child! But he spent a good 30 minutes looking at and explaining the intricacies of our baby’s heart… and THEY paid US. It was such a neat experience.

Wednesday We had the regular 20-weeks (but I was 21 weeks) ultrasound at our midwives’ office on Wednesday. It was typical, other than that baby #3 measured a whole 2 weeks small. We’re hoping it’s not a big deal (Alexa & Chris both measured about a week small at that age and were born at 7-8 lbs+/ea.), but it’s something I’ll probably be thinking about in the back of my mind until they tell me it’s fine. The tech thought he saw something, but couldn’t be sure.

Thursday This is the ultrasound we were most excited about. We would get to see a 3-D picture of our baby’s face. We would get to SEE our baby’s face!! But the little man had other ideas. As the tech placed the thingy on my tummy she said “Oh, you’re having a little contraction… that’s normal, no big deal!” then a few seconds later, “There’s the baby… it looks like the baby is using the contraction as a pillow!” Oh gosh. Already silly. And the baby had their hand over their eye. No hope of a good face photo. But we did get one 3D photo anyway:

Baby #3
Baby #3

They were also able to tell us the baby’s gender (finally!) Little bear will be getting a little brother!! It took Alexa a little bit of time to get excited about it – she can’t wait to share her room with a little sister! But she is happy for her brother that he’ll have someone to do boy stuff with, and the idea of a little brother has grown on her. She’s about as excited about him as she was for Christopher now.

I can’t wait to meet this little guy 🙂


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