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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A few days ago, Girlie petitioned her daddy for a Valentine’s card. They started their Valentine’s dates 2 years ago, and she knows she has a daddy/daughter dance to look forward to each February… and this year, she asked (so sweetly) for a card. Collin started to go off on his rant about Valentine’s Day and commercialism, but stopped, and said he’d see. I was in the room for this whole conversation, so when I got the email saying we could get any photo card with shipping for a BUCK, we had to.

5×7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

I think we may be addicted to Shutterfly. Their quality is always spectacular and it never fails that we’re able to get a fantastic deal on whatever is our heart’s desire… and this looks to be another winner. Thanks again, Shutterfly! I can’t wait to see my little girl’s face when she opens this 🙂 (I’m sure daddy can’t, either.)


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