I woke up this morning – as I’m sure a lot of people did – with a “new” feeling. New goals. New vigor. An almost invincible feeling that whatever is past is past, it’s a new year and I can be the me I’ve always longed to be. It’s funny how a new year can give us that.
But this morning in worship, God gave me an amazingly simple revelation that I had to share. That feeling isn’t just for today. The bible tells us very clearly that His mercies are new every morning. As Christians who are intimately connected to an almighty God, we don’t have to wait till January first to feel new again. In fact, as I’ve heard many people share, God’s not strict on timelines. You don’t have to wait till after midnight to have His new mercies. They’re there for us any time we need them. It’s hard not to be madly in love with a God who has storehouses of new mercies for me to take advantage of at any moment. And if you can keep that in mind, you’ll never let the enemy hang anything over your head again.


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