Tutu tips!

I made a tutu for my girl! Now, this is the third one I’ve made, and it’s been a learning experience…

My first, I bought a yard of tulle… I cut it up into 3-inch by 15-inch strips. It was a PAIN! Cutting cotton into strips would be difficult, but tulle sticks to itself and moves and stretches… Oh, it was awful. But I got it cut up, and I tied it, strip-by-strip, based on a tutorial I found online. I used elastic for the waistband (which was okay, but I later discovered it’s not the best option), and about 30-45 minutes later, I had a tutu! It was CUTE! I had Alexa wear it the next day…

That’s when I discovered that there were issues. Namely, the bunching. It bunched BAD. Yuck! So I began searching for a solution…

I found a blog (somewhere) that recommended buying a 6-inch wide spool of tulle. I found another site that said you will have crazy bunching problems if your strips aren’t at least 6 inches wide. That’s it! Lastly, I found a blog which recommended cutting a piece of cardboard to twice the length of the skirt you want (I started w/ 15 inches) and as wide as the tulle, and using pins and rubber bands to wrap the tulle around the cardboard. Once it’s all wrapped, you’re done in two cuts! Then, you just have to tie it around whatever you’ve decided to use as your waist… which is another thing. I thought elastic would be a great idea because it would stretch… well, as it turns out, when you have yards and yards of tulle wrapped around elastic, it has no elasticity to speak of. I will be using ribbon from now on, cutting it twice the width I need and burning both ends so I’ll have plenty left over for a nice big CUTE bow in back.

I promise to post MORE photos soon, but here is one of our favorite tutu:

I know it probably looks like July 4th, but it's really for Texas Rangers...

1 thought on “Tutu tips!”

  1. I wish I would have read this A LOT sooner than now. I made 7 tutus for my nieces for Christmas last year and learned a lot of your tricks the hard way (by making one and finding out how to make it better with each one). Her tutu looks great.

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