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Housework and family time

Tonight I instituted an after-dinner routine with my family that I am VERY excited about it… first, some back story:

A few weeks ago, I read a blog (which I can’t currently find) where the mom said that every night after dinner, she set a timer for 30 minutes and everyone did chores for that 30 minutes. I also saw this post (found it on Pinterest) about the “de-clutter game” – chores written on ping-pong balls, whomever gets the most ping-pong balls at the end of 30 minutes gets a reward of some sort. I loved this. As a stay-at-home mom, there is always an abundance of housework and getting the family to willingly take part is like pulling teeth. But in THIS house, make something competitive, and it’s ON.

So, our new routine? A combination of the above ideas (and a WINNING one if I do say so myself…)
Every night after dinner, mom sets a timer for 30 minutes. (Hubby & I have one jar & Biscuit has another, because I can’t exactly expect a 5-year-old to do the same things we would with any efficiency.) I used paper circles (the “lamination” effect is thanks to packing tape… stiffens them so they don’t get ruined) to make Hubby & mine, and lids from those kids’ cups at QT for Biscuit’s (We had a ton of them laying in a drawer unused.) Here’s a photo of them:

We draw a chore, (hers are all in her room/bathroom), complete the chore, place the completed chore on a magnet board, and then get another. Here’s the best part: The winner gets to choose (from a predetermined list each night) which family activity we will all do before bed. Tonight was games. Other options (depending on what time we eat dinner) are movie nights, fun places, a family craft of some sort, or whatever we think up, really, as long as it leaves a choice to be made by the winner!

I pretty much opted out of winning tonight because I was creating the chore chips, but I am one happy mama so far. The living room is clean and vacuumed and the kids’ room is immaculate. And the evening was capped off with family time! Unbeatable, if you ask me. I’m excited for tomorrow night. (Would it be terrible if after dinner became my favorite time of day?)


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