1 Chronicles 21:24b

Lastnight I was talking to a really good friend about the bible. I was telling her that I was reading Chronicles, and it was boring. She said “No, it’s not.” and proceeded to tell me about how each of the books of the bible can be amazing if we ask God to show us what He has for us in them. I felt a little convicted… I have been (contrary to my post here) taking my Bible reading for granted… which, I’m sure, was the reason God had us having this conversation in the first place.

So, as I was laying down to go to bed, I noticed Collin was doing his nightly reading, so I got mine out. I’m over 2 weeks behind. I started reading my May 4th assignment and came across this verse:

“I will not present burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”

Wow. I don’t even know where God wants to go with that with me, but I can’t stop stewing on it.

The conversation I was having with my friend all started with the thought that America takes Christianity for granted. In many other nations, to say you are a Christian or confess that you love God means a huge commitment. There is nothing lukewarm about it. You can’t sit on the fence in these countries, because acknowledgement of God is an invitation to martyrdom. And it IS tragic that that’s the case anywhere… but I think it’s equally tragic that it ISN’T the case in the U.S.

The burnt offerings we present to God cost us nothing. There is nothing sacrificed in American Christianity as a whole. I’m not saying no American has ever sacrificed to know God or sacrificed for God or because of God or that someone else might know God… but in America, it’s FAR too easy to say “Oh, sure, I’m a Christian.” and go about your business ignoring God and not living a godly life.

Examine your walk with God… does what you have to offer God and the Kingdom of God cost you nothing?


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