Family, Reflections


Some days, parenting is less fun. There are most definitely days where I look on the lives of others and realize the sacrifice having a family requires… It is on these days that I have to remind myself that every sacrifice is more than worth it… Missed showers, forgotten meals, lost sleep, etc. all falls short of the power of time.

Christopher was born nearly 7 months ago now. I sit in my bed and watch him in his and realize he’s already almost pulling himself up, and that the bassinet insert on his pack n play will have to come down soon. I can’t believe how big he is, how smart he is… so when he stares at me begging me to put him to sleep (for the third time, because he didn’t feel like it the first two…), I have to remember what I too easily forget…


When this sweet baby boy is knocking down quarterbacks (or whatever he decides to do with his life), I’m going to remember these nights with fondness, and regret the moments when I didn’t fully enjoy him.

And Alexa… So smart but definitely in one of those challenging seasons. She can do so much, but she also wants to be babied… And, truth be told, she is my baby. But it’s my job as her parent to be raising her into a person, and with that comes independence (and teaching her not to be lazy…) It’s a challenge, but I’m thankful to God that I get to be the one to influence her. Even if it’s sometimes nuts how many times I have to repeat the same rule over and over, at least it’s me. I get to see her smile every day. And while I get every one of the challenging moments (or at least it feels like it sometimes!), I’m blessed to get just about every one of the amazing ones, too.

Thanks, God, for the amazing opportunity I have to be a mommy.


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