Daily Deal Sites

After the Super Bowl, just about everyone has heard of Groupon. Well, the Groupon idea has exploded, and there are a TON of sites out there with the same concept. I love it! Every day, they give you a discount of 50% or more on some product or service… SO many useful things! I’ve easily saved over $200 using Groupon and other services, and it’s allowed us to do things we couldn’t have otherwise afforded! JumpZone, Scarborough Faire, Indoor Safari Park (Okay, I mostly use it for entertainment), Mixbook & Shutterfly (I’m slightly addicted to making Photobooks), and the first Groupon we ever bought — Roots Coffee. Mmmm. So, here is a list (with links) of all of these amazing sites.






Plum District (this one gives YOU $5 toward your first purchase within 7 days of starting an account)

Daily Dealster

Seize the Deal

LivingSocial (this one gives you $5 credit immediately)

Eversave (this one gives you $4 credit when you sign up)

BuyWithMe (this one also gives you $5 credit when you sign up)

Pick Your Plum


Our Hometown Deal


If I find more, I’ll post them. These are amazing money savers! In this economy, being able to get things for 50% or more off is sometimes the only way to be able to do it at all!

Now, off to teach Alexa some school stuff… she wants to learn about Elephants! This should be interesting…


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