I’ve noticed a big problem in marriages is secrecy. Collin & I don’t really struggle with it because we are literally best friends. You know, your best friend, growing up… they’re the one you call anytime something goes wrong. The first one you wanna talk to when something goes right… we just enjoy each other. And a part of this is total honesty. Complete, 100% honesty. I’ve actually had someone say that it’s unnecessary or weird how honest we are with each other. Really? Do you keep things from yourself? Because the Bible says that Collin and I are One. So, is it weird to be totally honest with yourself? Then why would it be weird to be honest with your husband? I know my passwords. I trust me with my passwords. Why would I hide those from Collin? I know my diet. I know what happens throughout my day. I know what I think about. I know what I spend. I know what I say. I know who I talk to. I know the ins and outs of myself. So, why wouldn’t my husband know these things? Why wouldn’t I want him to know about it? He’s my protector. He covers me. As a team, we are what makes our family work. It’s God, my husband, and me against the enemy – why would I wanna fight against my own side? And if we’re gonna function as a team, doesn’t he need to know everything the enemy could possibly bring against him, against me, and against our marriage? And if I believe my kids are destined for greatness, I definitely believe that there’s gonna be a battle for them… and… okay, I could go on forever, but you get it, I’m sure.

Anyway, here’s the crazy thing that rocked me. It seems like so many women hide things from their husbands… sometimes it isn’t intentional, sometimes it is… but if the enemy lives in the shadows, and you’re hiding half of your life from your husband, then haven’t you relinquished half of your life to the enemy? Do you really wanna do that? Is it that hard to be honest? And, with your HUSBAND? I mean, you said you’d share your life with him… so, why aren’t you?


2 thoughts on “Shadows”

  1. i feel the same. i share everything with my husband and i keep nothing from him and he likewise…although he can tend to forget what he tells me and what he doesn’t. we hear of couples who keep secrets. i don’t understand what kind of life that is. my husband is my absolute best friend and i his. we have such a great open relationship that only gets better with time! we are a great team and being best friends and open with each other sure helps!

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