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Alexa the creative…

About a week ago (Sunday of last week) I put on a really cute outfit – a red skirt I made over the summer and a white tank with a white sweater – but it needed a splash of red up top to balance it. I grabbed a piece of red scrap fabric and threw together a little red rose to wear as a broach. It was cute. Well Alexa saw this and, while I had my back turned, grabbed a tiny strip of scrap fabric and sat down to my sewing machine. I saw this and decided my little girl was ready (or she thought so) to start sewing. I promised her we would find something for her…

So during the week, I thought up something she could do, and my ACTIVE little 4-year-old found the patience to sit down and sew with me. I used two bandannas from camp a couple years ago (I was on red team, Collin was on yellow. These bandannas had basically become scrap fabric because what else do you do with bandannas?), cut them into strips, and we were gonna make her a skirt. Thankfully, Alexa was very patient because Chris doesn’t like it when I sew (haha, it feels like it, anyway. He seems to always wake up needy when I do). So, though we started like Tuesday, we finally finished her project today. This morning, she asked if we could finish her pillow, then realized it wasn’t a pillow, but asked if it could be. I was fine with that lol… so over the course of like 2 hours, we finally got this thing done. And she was ecstatic!

She also wrote a song today. She’s so creative πŸ™‚


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