Why blog?

Last June, God called me to a fast of social media. I didn’t tweet or Facebook for 4 months. The fast ended when Chris was born… yet, around the time Chris turned 1 month, God led me to start a blog. It didn’t really make sense to me – ending a fast of social media and then starting a whole nother form of social media at the end of the fast? I did it, though… and I messed with it till I was happy… and that’s how I got to this blog. But the why still didn’t make sense…

My relationship with God has often felt like a salsa of sorts… two steps forward, one step back… God takes me somewhere, he tells me something, I believe it, and as soon as I start to walk it out, the enemy takes it from me. “That didn’t really happen.” “Are you sure He said that?” …and as much as I hate to admit it, it usually works. I have this thing, though, where I can’t lie to myself. If I say something out loud, I have to mean it. God has used it during worship to move me to another place in our relationship… I can’t say “God I trust you” in vain. I can’t idly say something that powerful. I can’t lie to myself. And after a few blog posts, I realized that that’s why God wants me to blog. If God says something to me and I write it down and publicize it, then I believe it, I live it, and no one can take it away…


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