Oh, those kids!

This week has been so fun. Chris has been teething – he already has two and he has more coming! – but the worst of it seems to have passed for this round. He’s mastering his gross motor skills – it’s amazing to watch!

Feb 5th

Feb 6th

Feb 11th

Feb 16th

It’s incredible! And this morning, Collin & I woke up to a very loud happy baby! He’s a talker already! He was talking constantly for a good 30 minutes, and then while playing for another hour. He’s playing again now and has been for an hour. It’s so amazing to see him grow. He turned 4 months this week… it goes so fast!!

Alexa started dancing yesterday while I was listening to music, and, for once, didn’t object to me taking a video of her! Forgive the laundry in the background haha…

dancing to Glee’s version of Brittney Spears’ “Stronger”

dancing to Glee’s version of Paramore’s “Only Exception”

It may be worth uploading the HD videos from what I saw of the quality of that last one… well, enjoy! 🙂

Alexa began, Tuesday night, running outside and singing songs to Jesus & God. I’m so proud of her… and it is the cutest thing! Yesterday she started singing “thank you for the sky… thank you for the trees…” Collin & I swelled with pride. Sometimes I think she gets it better than most adults…

I might try to take advantage of this gorgeous weather for a photoshoot. We’ll have to see!!


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