Cute kids, recovery & teeth

I’ve been deathly sick most of the week… fever, body aches, all kinds of yuckkk. It snowed Wednesday and I didn’t even get to see it because I didn’t get out of bed. Thursday, same story. Collin even had to come home from work to help me out because I just couldn’t do anything. I started feeling so much better today. I didn’t take a bunch of pictures like Melissa asked, but I did get a couple cute videos of the boy and one of the girl (she didn’t wanna do even that one… I’m sure the boy didn’t, either, but he can’t protest quite as well haha…)

I have a couple more cute ones of Christopher playing… it’s just so fascinating watching him grow!! Alexa is refusing to be in videos haha…

Oh, and to add to the day, Mr. Chris has 2 teeth. Bottom front, pearly white. Love them 🙂


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