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Valentine’s Dress!!

Okay, so I saw the material for this dress at JoAnn and decided the girl had to have a dress made out of it. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna make it (her Christmas dress didn’t turn out all that well), but I had to try!! Well, I’d been piddling around about doing it because I was still dreaming it up… what would look good, how much of the material to use, what to put with it, yada yada yada… This morning I was laying in bed and it hit me! My funky little biscuit was gonna have a dress that matched her personality, and it was all made up in my head. So, finally, on a snow day with my hubby hundreds of miles away, I made it happen. And here you go!

haha, she’s so sassy! (forgive the boring DOOR background, but I wasn’t about to make her step outside in the snow, and the living room is pretty much a war zone what with being trapped inside the last 2 days!)

I improvised the waistline… I was SET on a belted look, but after gathering the skirt, it was TOO cute up top not to let it be seen. And, since I’d already put the belt on, it looks even neater!

And it absolutely needed a matching bow…

That pretty girl. And if I do say so myself, I rocked this dress haha…


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