Snowmageddon 2011 – Day 1

I had fully intended on posting pictures of the kids from the snow days this week in a single post called “snow days,” till the snow decided never to go away haha. Now I’m laying in bed with Chris asleep on my chest, after an entire morning of whining about the snow, and I’m going to post about the snow WEEK of 2011.

I’m sure this’ll be updated with more pics, but here’s our snow week thus far!


Trampoline jumping in the snow! Oh yeahhh 🙂
Chris bundled up for the icy weather!
The kids playing in Alexa's house!
Girl is happy about the snow!
The Boy hung out outside with us...
So much snow!!
Alexa gathered snow for a snowman

It was too cold for the snow to stick together well haha but this is the "snowgrandma" we made.
Chilling in our jammies haha
Pasta dinner... perfect cold weather food!
Goofy girl ready for bed
Passed Out little man



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