What are those kiddos up to?

I thought I’d take this opportunity to update you on the kids’ life!

Chris is 3 months, 3 weeks old! He’s been rolling front to back since his 2-month mark, and teething almost as long! He’s awake more often and for longer (except the last few days – pretty sure he’s in a growth spurt!) He’s able to sit up for a good while with just a hand on his back, and pretty much hates laying down now haha! He’s grabbing onto blankets and such to pull them close to him but not to toys just yet. He absolutely loves tummy time and looks like he’s ready to get up and go (if his muscles would just catch up! haha). On Wednesday, he started giggling (more than just a single laugh at a time), and his first double giggle came right after he let out a big fart. SUCH a boy!! I love watching him learn and grow, and only wish he would slow down!

Alexa is 4 (and a half!!) and doing great! I’ve been trying to teach her her letters and get her interested in reading to no avail haha… Though she LOVES having stories read to her, she’s not even a little bit interested in picking up a book and reading it herself. She loves to write her letters, and enjoys writing people’s names on pictures she draws for them! And she LOVES art. Anything “art”y. Coloring, painting, dancing, singing, piano, fashion… She’s a creative for sure! And, to Collin & my surprise, she showed us this week that, while reading is of little interest to her, she likes math! She walked into our room Friday morning and told us that “2 of my rings are missing. I have 7 and only 5 are in my room so I need to find 2 more.” I was basically floored! And when we added some bible verses to the decor of her bedroom that evening, she asked me to write a notecard that read “Jesus, I love you as big as you!.” Man, that’ll preach!

So, there’s a little update on the kiddos! This upcoming week, Collin and his company are going to Houston for a trade show! I’m excited for them, but also crazy jealous, and I’ll really miss my hubby! I think I’ll try to update with some crafts and such during the week! I’ll have to find something to keep us sane haha. The weather is supposed to feel like it’s in the single and negative digits while Collin is gone, so I’m pretty sure we won’t be going outside at all!


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