Monday, January 31, 2011

Collin left for Houston today! We’re excited for him… Okay, I’m excited for him. I don’t even think Alexa realizes he’ll be gone for a few days haha. And I miss him. I’m hoping to get a call from him in 30 minutes or so so I can talk to him and put the kids to bed!
Alexa practiced writing numbers today at Collin’s office. I was surprised at how well she did, except for the number 4. Apparently that’s a real toughie! After Collin left, we came home and Alexa helped put groceries away! She colored some, played outside and helped me make “hot” pizza for dinner (pepperoni haha). We watched Word World (awesome educational cartoon!) and she took a bath with Chris. (It’s hard to orchestrate, but both kids enjoy it so I guess it’s worth it!)
I took a couple of videos of Chris today. In one, you can hear him laughing, in the other, he’s just talking and being cute šŸ™‚ I’ll get them up soon! He’s been sweet and awake a lot of the day today. Great boy šŸ™‚


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