Lost socks

When I first got saved, I was a single mom who was very overwhelmed with life. Everything was a struggle — even getting ready in the morning. I would literally find myself praying to God asking for help with the silliest things. “God, PLEASE help me find some socks to wear to work today.” “God, I’m going to be late if every light isn’t green.” “God, do you know where I left my purse?” I know it sounds crazy, but He always answered me.
One of the things I get from reading the “boring” Old Testament is that God is all about the details. The last several chapters of Exodus are all about what every last millimeter of the Ark of the Covenant should look like. It’s kinda hard to remain interested unless you’re actually going to rebuild it, but it just screams to me that God really does care about the tiniest things. I’m not bothering Him when I ask Him for help finding lost socks.
I still occasionally do this haha… I know God has world peace and starving children to worry about, but He still cares enough about the little details in my life. Don’t ever forget that! God cares just as much as you do about where your kids will go to school, what you wear to that job interview, and fixing that relationship with your mother-in-law. No detail is too minute to warrant His full attention, so ask away!


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