I’ll pray for you…

This morning on the way to church, God brought to my mind a couple of friends and a situation they were in a few years ago. Satan has attacked this family in the area of infirmity relentlessly. In 2008, they spent over $10K in health bills. It’s been ridiculous. And he attacked them and attacked them until eventually it destroyed their marriage. I’ve been praying for restoration for them and healing of their marriage and family and each individual in this area, but this morning I felt like God was telling me something. I felt like he was telling me where it all started.
You know how Christians are always saying “I’ll pray for you.” It seems to be one of those universal things, actually. Believers and non-believers (and on-the-fence-ers) are always “praying for” things. Collin’s former youth pastor — the man who married us — rocked my world one night when I asked him for prayer and he immediately grabbed Collin & my hands and began to pray. Not “I’ll pray for you” but “let’s do this.” I was in awe… And I wanted to be that kind of person…
Well today, I was working in the coffee bar when one of these friends walked up, caught my attention, Collin & I walked over and we all began to talk. I told him I’d missed seeing him and it had been a long time. He explained that each of their three kids have been sick one of the last three weeks. Coincidence? No such thing. I felt a prompting so strong I couldn’t stand it. I barely asked permission before my hand jutted out and my mouth started moving. What was I doing? Was this okay? Was it appropriate? It didn’t matter. I was pretty sure I wasn’t doing this anyway.
I began to pray healing over his family. Wait, was that what I was praying for? Then I began to pray health over his family. Whoa. Those are two different things. How had this not occurred to me before? Dang, God. Wow.
I stopped before I fully comprehended that I had started. It happened so fast. I apologized. Why was I apologizing? I don’t know, I was sort of in shock. So was he. We small talked a bit more and he walked away…
This whole thing taught me a lesson, I think. I don’t ever again wanna say to someone “I’ll pray for you.” I mean, did Jesus ever walk away from someone saying he would pray for them? Or did he lay hands on them, speak life and healing over them, love them in that moment of their need? In service today, Pastor Robert sort of called us to this same sort of action. Why are we always saying “God, will you touch them with your healing hand?” when the bible explicitly says that we are made in His image and therefore our hands can heal, too?
I challenge you, as God challenges me, to reach out — literally — and touch those around you in need. God CAN and DOES heal. Maybe he wants to use your hands. And trust me, it’s exciting to be used by God.


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