Each year, our church starts the year with a 21-day Daniel fast. You don’t have to do a “Daniel fast” per ce, but we’re all instructed to pray about and do a fast that God calls us to.
Two years ago I did the Daniel fast. I was hypoglycemic at the time, so it was a very dumb thing to do.
Last year, I prayed and asked God how I should fast. He said the strangest thing: “Don’t use the fast as an excuse not to do the devotional. I want you to do the devotional.” Ouch? Okay. Done.
This year, God’s done something similar. I heard a sermon once on fasting where the pastor explained that God may not always want you to take something out of your daily life; sometimes, he wants you to add something. The pastor said his wife was called, one year during lent, to contact an obscure family member via phone call or letter each of the 40 days. That’s the kind of “fast” that I think could become addicting!
I think sometimes when we fast, we forget to “fast & pray.” We just cut something out of our lives and continue on with the hustle & bustle, forgetting why we’re doing this. I know I’m guilty of it, for sure! All this to say, I’m not giving up anything for 21 days. God doesn’t want me to “fast” anything. I’m going to Slow. Slow down, try not to DO all the time, and take several moments to just stop and listen for God. And I hope I get addicted to it.


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