Anniversary :)

Hoo! It’s taken me a while to get to posting this! (okay, not too long, but long enough :)) Hubby rocked the anniversary date. We dropped off the biscuit and took the little man with us. He took me down memory lane to our wedding day… We drove to the church (our church) where we got married. We drove around the building and left the parking lot from the exact spot where we had
gotten into the car that night! I’m a super visual thinker so I was totally reliving it in my head. It was so sweet. Then we drove the exact route from the church to the Gaylord Texan (where we stayed on our wedding night) — including the oopsident of having forgotten to get our marriage license signed and meeting the pastor to have him sign it on the way! Having just had a baby, we didn’t have the budget to stay at the Gaylord, but we had dinner at the restaurant we had breakfast at a year ago (the morning after the wedding), and the waitress surprised us with a piece of cake on a plate that said “Happy Anniversary” on it in chocolate. It was just perfect. Simple, and so like us. We then walked around the hotel and enjoyed the Christmasiness (that’s totally a word!) of it, and had a picture snapped on the way out.

The next morning (Sunday the 21st) was Chris’ dedication! It went great. It’s so much simpler than the traditional Lutheran baby baptism I’m used to, but it was still wonderful. We had plenty of family show up, and while they only stayed for the short dedication service, we appreciated them caring to come 🙂 I didn’t get any pictures but I know my in-laws did, so I’ll acquire them eventually 🙂 This week I will be making what has become my signature dish for Thanksgiving – Homemade pumpkin pie – from a pumpkin!


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