I had a baby 5 weeks ago yesterday! And I married my husband a year ago today. [Happy Anniversary, love!] Time just flies so quickly! And so much has changed in that year… heck, in that 5 weeks! Luckily, I’m a crazy picture-taker, so I’ll never forget a moment of it!

I’ve never done Christmas cards before. I’m sure I wanted to, but prior to a year ago, I never really had anyone to send them to, and last year, I was a little busy being a newlywed! Well this year, with an October 15th baby, it was kind of an either/or. Birth Announcements or Christmas cards? Well, why not both?

Shutterfly has a great selection of adorable Christmas (and Holiday) cards. How cute is this??

and this??

I just love them! (They also have some fantastic Birthday invitations which I’ll be needing in 6 months for the Biscuit and just under a year for our little man. EEK!) Anyway, I decided to head on over there and come up with a great Christmas card that also introduces our newest addition! Wanna see it? Well, you’ll just have to check your mail in a few weeks 🙂


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