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Bag for dirty dipes…

Yesterday was interesting! My lovely family all had some terrible allergy problems – hubby had it worst – so everything fell on me. No big deal, but it was exhausting! (And I’m pretty sure I forgot to eat all day. I had a bottle of Coke. Oops?)

BUT, this project was a necessary one. I was gonna lose my mind if we didn’t come up with a solution to where Chris’ diapers should go. (You see, we decided on cloth, and have no regrets, but we never did buy a diaper pail… so those diapers just haven’t had a place to go… until now!)

So lastnight, I took a receiving blanket we’d been given that was somehow already losing some of the stitching on the edges, and made it into a bag. (I tried taking pictures as I went, but I was literally sewing while calming a needy baby, so pictures just didn’t happen. I’ll do better next time!)

Here’s the bag. Voila!

And it was so quick & easy, I made two 🙂

They fit about 6 diapers each, and we usually wash at that point, so it’s perfectly practical!

BTW, the fam is doing a little better today. Keep praying for wellness 🙂


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