The Proverbs 31 Woman


At first glance, Proverbs 31 sounds like a long list of impossible tasks. How can she wake early and stay up late? How does she find enough hours in the day to do all those things, let alone the energy – since she clearly isn’t sleeping? Personally, I prefer to look at this passage not as a to do list, but as more of a series of desirable traits to be sought after over a lifetime. I don’t think this woman is doing every one of these things every day, but that this is a story of her life – from the early days of marriage until the time when her children are grown. If you look at it like this, you can pull out the things that are a part of your life now, and maybe give yourself some grace.

What is the hardest part of Proverbs 31 for you to swallow? What parts can you pick out and say that you are living those things today?

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Faithful Living

My main focus in this season will be on stewardship, but keep an eye out for guest posts by some of the Proverbs 31 women I know and love on the topics of health & wellness and faithful living. Feel free to make comments, ask questions, and make yourself at home!